My new webshop is mostly Print on Demand, and here is why

My new webshop is mostly Print on Demand, and here is why

I have a new webshop. And this may actually be my final attempt. 😂
I’m planning to give it a year’s trial.

After trying different dissatisfying platforms over the years, I've finally landed with Shopify, which currently seems like the best choice for me.
But as with all things, I guess time will tell. I like that it is userfriendly and offers different payment and shipping options to my customers. Another bonus is that I'm free to adjust its looks to my own liking. As I keep receiving requests for prints and products, I'd like to offer something special to you.

Printing on Demand with Printful

As you may have noticed, I'm mainly offering products that are printed on-demand. I'm very open about it as it's been a conscious decision to choose this type of product for my shop. 🌿 I've tried and tested several of these products myself and must say that I keep being impressed with their awesome colors, quality, and service.

It's not very personal, is it?

Yes, I'm very aware that it may feel a little less personal to my customers. There won't be any freebies, postcards, vouchers, or other little extras in your package. But if you're honest with yourself, do you always keep or even use these items? Or are you like me, and will they possibly end up somewhere forgotten or land in your recycling bin?

I know that some people adore these extras because it's like opening a present. But, practical as I am, I really think it's the best choice for me and my business not to include these with my printed orders, especially with an eye on our environment and our carbon footprint.

A product just for you!

If you think of it, there is something magical about printing-on-demand, isn't there? Because basically, the product is just a concept, a figment of my imagination, until you order it.
It'll only become real when you really want it. 😀

Isn't it great that there will be no unnecessary waste of materials. Nor will there be a box of wasted bulk-ordered products that gathers dust on a shelf because nobody wants or needs them.

On their journey to sustainability

One of the reasons I’m chosing to work with Printful is that theyr’re on a sustainability journey themselves. They try to keep their carbon footprint low as possible and are adding more and more eco-friendly products to their catalog. You can have a look here:

What about your games or signed prints?

Of course, I'll still offer products that I have in stock when I have them, and those will be shipped from my home. I may add a little extra if I have something laying around.

Right now, I have a very limited supply of (card) games available, and from time to time I'll offer a signed print or even some original artwork for sale. (Though, knowing myself, the latter will be rare 😅).
Just keep an eye out for my newsletter or Instagram updates.

With love,


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